Simple and logical structure that you can
master in minutes!

manageME7 requires no prior technical knowledge and can be mastered by the time you are done using it for the first time!

manageME7's layout is extremely user friendly, to say the least.

Equally suitable for personal and business use

manageME7 has been developed for tracking finances and accounting, whether personal or business.

The features have been devised to cater to both personal needs and business requirements - an amalgam that is worth your money.

Categorize expenses under customized headers

From restaurant tips and transport fares to kids' allowances and money spent on your pet's food;

never again will you be mystified by the expenses that you can't trace. Use manageME7 to tag each penny spent. Your records will be there for your analysis, the moment you login to manageME7.

Comprehensive report generation

Knowing your finances is as important as managing them. The comprehensive reporting feature will enable you to analyze your

expenses, expenditures, and budget. Should you want to view reports at your leisure; you can export and save them on your computer.

Customized reminders and alerts

Ever wished you could go back in time and pay your bills when they were supposed to be paid?

With manageME7 you will never have to make this wish again. You can set advance reminders for bill payments and other important dates. Never again will you miss out on the all-important payment deadlines.

Secure password protected online account

Enjoy absolute privacy. Your manageME7 account is password protected and 128 bits encrypted so that it is only accessible to you.


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