Simple and intuitive

Getting comfortable with today's complex accounting and money management software can sometimes be difficult.

The web 2.0 interface makes manageME7 streamlined, simple, easy to use, and arrayed. With a seamless navigational structure, you can start using the application efficiently as soon as you login.

Safe and secure

Expect data security at every step of manageME7! We employ 128 bit SSL secured encryption and your

data reaches through GUI gateways in an encrypted format. The encryption, along with the firewall protection ensures the anonymity of data at all times.


ManageME7 is a people's software, so it had to be affordable to everyone!

The abounding accounting and budgeting software offers Plutus packages that are competitively priced. Now there is no reason why you should stick to traditional 'pen and paper' for your accounting and budgeting needs.

Multiple currency support

manageME7 is for everyone, and is designed to cater to a global audience.

It thus offers an advantage to make transactions in more than just one currency. Dollars, Euros, Rupees, Pounds- whatever currency you use, manageME7 lets you enjoy its features regardless. And for businesses transcending geographical boundaries, this feature helps them to manage their accounts with a single application.

Recurring transactions

It is tedious to feed the same monetary entries time and again! To save you effort and time, manageME7 offers recurring

transaction feature. And it is simple as we promised. Set the scheduler account, date of occurrence, frequency of occurrence and amount for the recurring transaction and the said entry(ies) would automatically be added to your account.

Multiple accounts

Restricting the number of accounts that you can have under a single login would beat the very purpose of account

and money management. To help you manage your finances and account your funds optimally, there is no limit to account and category creation! Create as many bank accounts, cash accounts, asset accounts, and loan accounts as you want.

Categorize expenses

Do you find it hard to manage expenses happening on several fronts?

Categorize your expenses and know where and how much you are spending. Create your own income and expense categories and manage your finances. Whether its money incurred on petrol, children's tuition fees or sundry monthly expenses, you will now never be mystified by expenses that you can't trace!

Budget overshoot alert

Setting limits on how much to spend is the foremost step in budget and account management.

Overspending often occurs due to lack of information - information pertaining to total money spent so far, budget limit, etc. Our budget alert feature is designed to bridge this information gap. The budget overshoot alert gives you a buzz, as and when you overshoot your predefined budget. This helps you to effectively manage your income and expenses, and at the same time keep your accounting statements updated.

Customized reminders

In today's busy life, forgetting to remember important dates are not uncommon?

There's a better way than using schedulers and mobile phones. Set personal reminders for bills payments, birthdays or anniversaries through manageME7 and never miss out on important dates. Get reminded of everything you want to remember!

Comprehensive reports

Get a holistic view of your finances at one go. manageME7 allows you to generate and view reports that track -

account wise expenditures/overall expenses and the amount by which you exceeded your target budget, if any. You can also compare the accounting details of two or more budget periods.

Access manageME7 from around the world

manageME7 is a web based application so you only need a computer with an internet connection to access it.

No installation, no download, and that mean no hassles! Access your account from any part of the world and manage your money with ease.

Concise dashboard

The dashboard displays all basic information pertaining to your account, on a single page.

View synopsis of your accounting details (due and overdue amounts), budget chart, and reminders on an easy to comprehend dashboard console.

Invite 'n' earn

We give you credits for every invite processed through you. That is, if you invite your friends to register with manageME7,

you would earn points which can either be redeemed in cash, or will be available to you in your next membership upgrade. So the more friends you invite, the more you earn! You won't find an easier and simpler way of earning cash- isn't it?


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